Winifred Wimbush
Winifred, Henry's eldest daughter was the only one of his children that followed him into a career as a professional artist.

This picture the 'Flower Girl' which appeared as the frontispiece in 'The Channel Islands' by Edith Carey published in 1902, was painted by Henry and it is reported that Winifred was the model.

She would have been around 16 years of age when the picture was painted and this may have encouraged her interest in fashion
along with her talent as an artist.  

Winifred painted 9 different sets of postcards that were published by Raphael Tuck.
Several of the sets were loosely 'propaganda' cards for the 1st World war and would probably
have been published between 1914 -1916.

The sets were :

                               2372    Sweet Maidenhood      Connoisseur                                             
                               2373    Tres Chic
                               2396    Tres Chic                          Water colour
                               3603    Sporting Girls
                               8772    A Call to Arms               Series 1
                               8773    A Call to Arms               Series 2
                               8774    A Call to Arms               Series 3
                               8872    Women in Wartime
                               8882    A Winsome Lassie

    Series 2372 published as an 'Oilette Connoiseur' was printed
                                                            on thicker card  and with a coloured background.
         Series 2396 published as Water colours were printed on special
                                                              embossed card resembling water colour paper and had the
                                                             appearance of a mount around the border       
         Series 8772, 3, 4 were published as  Oilette's and generally showed
                                                             regimental uniforms, often worn by girls and bearing the heading  A call to arms.
                                                            The border showed the red, white and blue of the union flag.
         Series 8882 was published as an Oilette but the 'Printed in England'
                                                            on the previous cards was changed to 'Printed in the United Kingdom'.
                                                            Possibly indicating a published date after the end of WW1.

  Very little is known about Winifred or her painting,  
  except that she married Robert Hughes-Sands in 1922.  
 Towards the end of WW2 she married Roland Guy Bavington
  and they had an antiques business in Torquay, later moving to
  Budleigh Salterton, Devon where she died in 1958.

   This picture was taken when she was 32 and at that time
   she would still have been painting postcards.
   She gave this picture to her youngest sister Olive and it was
   kindly loaned by Olive's daughter Jesi